Michelle Quinn and Brian Gottesman Present "Third-Party Legal Opinions"

[Cross-posted at BergerHarris.com]

Berger Harris partners Michelle Quinn and Brian Gottesman hosted a CLE webinar entitled “Third-Party Legal Opinions in Corporate Transactions.” The webinar, which was presented by Clear Law Institute, covered standards and best practices with respect to due formation and good standing, power and authority, operating agreement enforceability and member admission opinions, as well as strategies for avoiding opinion-giver liability to clients and recipients.

Berger Harris attorneys have a great deal of experience with the drafting and issuance of Delaware opinions required in commercial real estate transactions and other business arrangements, including investment fund, joint venture and structured finance transactions. Our attorneys have opined on such issues as due formation and authorization, nondissolution, authority to file bankruptcy, creditors’ rights and secured credit under the Delaware UCC in hundreds of transactions.  Opinions issued by Berger Harris have been issued to and on behalf of national and international investment companies, banks and other lenders, borrowers, rating agencies, and government and quasi-governmental authorities.