How Not to Get China Scammed

At the China Law blog, Dan Harris advises on "how not to get China scammed":

Scammers love operating internationally because it makes them more difficult to track and it also makes suing and collecting more complicated as well. International scams also seem to work better than domestic scams because the person being scammed too often thinks this is just how things are done in foreign country X because they do not actually know how things are done in  foreign country X. Crossing borders increases confusion stemming from a lack of knowledge regarding language, culture, and regulation. All this combines to make international scams widely popular. In this post we discuss some of the more common scams and, most importantly, we discuss how to avoid getting scammed.

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I cannot resist closing out this post by talking about how to avoid getting caught in what I see as perhaps the two most common, most insidious scams of all: The China bank switch scam and the butchering the pig scam.