Brian Gottesman Accepted to CPR Mediators' Panels

Berger Harris partner and Business Law Basics co-author Brian Gottesman has been accepted as a member of the Panels of Distinguished Neutrals of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution ("CPR"). Brian was accepted to the Employment, Real Estate, and Delaware At Large Panels. 
Established in 1977, CPR is an independent nonprofit organization that provides dispute prevention and resolution services for businesses engaged in commercial disputes worldwide. In addition to providing neutrals for alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") matters, CPR also runs the CPR Institute, the world's leading ADR think tank.

Since being admitted to the Delaware bar in 2003, Brian has participated as counsel in a wide array of ADR proceedings, including in mandatory court-ordered mediations and contractually-mandated arbitrations. He frequently serves as informal neutral third party for co-members of limited liability companies and other business entities in resolving disputes pertaining to management and operations. Brian is certified by the Delaware Superior Court as a court-certified mediator and by the Delaware State Bar Association to serve as an arbitrator in employment law disputes.

Berger Harris attorneys are dedicated to providing quality ADR services, both as ADR neutrals and as advocates for their clients. Berger Harris partner Suzanne Holly serves as secretary of the ADR Section of the Delaware Bar, and serves as mediator in a wide array of commercial and corporate disputes.