Gov DeSantis to authorize Hamilton Center for teaching the 'foundations of western and American civilization'

Campus Reform reports:

The University of Florida is set to receive $3 million to establish its Hamilton Center for Classical and Civic Education.

"The purpose of the center is to support teaching and research concerning the ideas, traditions, and texts that form the foundations of western and American civilization," the amendment to Florida's SB 2524 reads, granting the authorization to the public university.

Steve Orlando, vice president for communications at the University of Florida, told Campus Reform, "While the Governor has not yet signed SB2524, we are prepared to move forward on this initiative."

"[W]e look forward to making this resource available to our campus community," he added.

The legislation lists a number of goals for the Hamilton Center to accomplish through its mission.

These goals are to "Educate university students in core texts and great debates of Western civilization; Educate university students in the principles, ideals and institutions of the American political order; Educate university students in the foundations of responsible leadership and informed citizenship; Provide programming and training related to civic education and the values of open inquiry and civil discourse to support the K-20 system."