Conflict in the Family-Owned Business: Peter Mahler Interviews Professor Benjamin Means

On Business Divorce Roundtable, a podcast of the New York Business Divorce Blog, Peter Mahler interviews Benjamin Means, Associate Professor of Law at the University of South Carolina School of Law, on the topic of conflict within the family-owned business

Professor Means is the author of such articles as Non-Market Values in Family Businesses, 54 William and Mary Law Review 1185 (2013); The Contractual Foundation of Family-Business Law, 75 Ohio State Law Journal 675 (2014); Contractual Freedom and Family Business, Research Handbook on Partnerships, LLCs and Alternative Forms of Business Organizations (2015); and Wealth Inequality and Family Businesses, 65 Emory Law Journal 937 (2016).

I addressed some of the unique issues involved in organizing and governing family businesses in my interview in January 2013 with Family BusinessCast.