College enrollment drops by 1.3 million in two years

The College Fix reports:

Business professor identifies ‘bloated bureaucracy’ as one cause

Colleges have lost 1.3 million students in the past two years according to a report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

According to the survey, college enrollment has decreased since the start of the COVID shutdowns with a 3.5 percent drop last spring semester and a 4.1 percent drop this most recent semester.

This adds to an overall 9.4 percent decrease or 1.3 million enrollment drop since the spring 2020 semester before COVID lockdowns began.

The study reported that public colleges and universities as well as community colleges suffered the greatest decrease in enrollment rates.

A management professor at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business is not surprised by the results.

“Bloated bureaucracy on the campuses along with a perceived decline in seriousness and courage by university administrations give people pause,” Stanley Ridgley told The College Fix via email. He said Americans are asking if college is worth it and answering “no.”

He is writing a book about reforming the universities titled “Brutal Minds.”

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center did not identify if these students simply dropped out of college or chose other career options such as trade school.