Book Excerpt: Evidentiary Privileges

We have received a number of inquiries regarding when Business Law Basics will be available online in its entirety.  As you can imagine, formatting and doing final reviews and edits is a time-consuming process. We will be posting chapters over the course of the summer.  We hope to have chapters 4 through 9 posted by the end of June.

For those who are curious, the current outline of Business Law Basics is as follows:

1 Introduction
2 Definition of Law
3 Purposes and Functions of Law
4 Classifications of Law
5 Sources of Law
6 Federal Court System
7 State Court Systems
8 Parties in a Civil Case
9 Steps in a Civil Case
10 Evidence
11 Constitutional Law
12 Administrative Law
13 International Law
14 Criminal Law
15 Tort Law
16 Consumer Protection Law
17 Labor and Employment Law
18 Contract Law
19 Uniform Commercial Code
20 Business Entities
21 Bankruptcy Law
22 Securities Law
23 Antitrust Law
24 Intellectual Property Law
25 Real Property Law
26 Environmental Law

As time goes on and various sections are updated to reflect developments in law, the number and organization of chapters will doubtlessly change.  We are also planning to have complete print and e-book editions in production by the end of the year.

In the meantime, we will periodically post excerpts from various parts of the book that may be of interest to businesspeople looking for general information about legal issues.  In that spirit, we have attached a selection from Chapter 10; specifically, the section dealing with evidentiary privileges.  This is a complex and often-misunderstood area of the law, one with which anyone who is or may become involved in litigation should have some familiarity.